Adobe Application Manager is a utility developed by the company with the same name, which is a handy application for installing programs from the Adobe Corporation. With Adobe Application Manager, you can download, run or uninstall a program in just a couple of clicks. The program is russified. You can use the link on this page and download the official version of Adobe Application Manager free.

Adobe Applicator Manager also tracks the release date of new updates for those programs that are already installed on your computer and warns the user about them.

The program is synchronized with the Adobe Creative Cloud, the very first time you start Adobe Applicator Manager, the cloud program is installed automatically.

Adobe Applicator Manager features:

  • high security level;
  • portable mode of operation;
  • deletion of old and unused applications;
  • backup creation;
  • tracking of released updates;
  • intuitive application interface.

How to download Adobe Application Manager

Follow the link on this page and download the file to download the program. Then open the downloaded file and wait for the program to be fully installed on your PC. Once the program is fully installed, a shortcut to the application will appear on your desktop. Next, open the program and start working.


Adobe Application Manager allows you to install, update and download applications from Adobe directly from the company's server in the fastest and most convenient way. The program monitors updates at a glance, so you only use new versions of products that are released by Adobe corporation.